JSEF Signal Article: August 2018

Each month, Board member Billie Davis shares the latest news with readers of the Crockett Signal newspaper and our web site. Keep up on our newest accomplishments and upcoming events. 

Lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer.  …I don’t know about you, but It seems like long hot August days with nothing to do are a distant dream—with the exception being the Sugar Town Festival sparkling as a jewel--a highlight in the center of it all! New vendors proudly displayed their attractive, wares and summed up their days with a profitable promise to return next year. It was delightful to see local community presentations of support for our precious town: the Fire House T shirts, CCC, C&H, the gardening group CREEC, and CERT support for our neighbors in case of a disaster, and the upcoming climax of an all-too-important Dog Park at the west end of town. Familiar store fronts were eager to chat with happy customers reliving the years’ worth of courteous and pleasant business. And seeing friends in order to catch up with all the gossip you haven’t heard in a year made the street a delightful place full of chatting, sharing, eating, drinking, and laughing.  

Once again, the Education Foundation was enthusiastically offering lemonade to people who couldn’t resist our bright yellow lemonade stand. Behind the web walls of our legally-examined store front, the JSEF volunteers acted like a well-choreographed “Dancing With The Stars” as we filled the orders of thirsty customers.  At mid-day we had to make a mad dash to the store to supplement the withering supplies we had so carefully anticipated.  At the end of the event—after mopping up our lemony, sweet-sticky site—we totaled our earnings, and we’re proud to be able to say: it was a fantastic day for our school district.     

And so, we bid adieu to sleeping in, reading trash novels, and evening out our sun tans. In a couple of weeks, you exhausted parents will get to go shopping to offer supplies for those sainted teachers who embrace the challenge of delighting your offspring with Math, Social Studies, Science, and Art. (If you haven’t seen the YouTube website “One Funny Mother”, --or if you have—it’s worth a visit.) And the John Swett Education Foundation will put our efforts toward our next fund-raiser: our Adult Prom.  I’m sure you’ve already marked your calendars with a sparkling star on November 2nd. Because the theme this year will be an Intergalactic Experience, start imagining your costumes for an Out-Of-This-World experience! The food will be our familiar delicious fare, the silent auction will present practical and impractical items, the music will entice dancers to the floor, and the open bar will offer drinks that will knock your socks off—if you’re wearing any.  

Any and all of you are invited to attend our monthly meetings—the third Monday of each month 7:00 at the District Office in Rodeo (although this date is likely to change due to the busy schedules of the Directors. We’ll let you know.).  Please come to add your ideas and insights to the efforts we make. Or simply visit our website https://www.johnswettef.org/.

August 2018 Crockett Signal

August 2018 Crockett Signal