JSEF Signal Article: July 2018

Each month, Board member Billie Davis shares the latest news with readers of the Crockett Signal newspaper and our web site. Keep up on our newest accomplishments and upcoming events. 

Happy Summer!  Isn’t it great to know you don’t have to invent reasons why your kid hasn’t turned in homework?  “The dog ate it” doesn’t make it anymore.  I did hear from a fifth grader once who explained that she’d spent the night at her grandpa’s house because her parents were out of town. Grandpa was a great old guy—and even though he was hard of hearing he lived in an “active adults” community. After she’d done her homework, he’d made a tasty cioppino in his small kitchenette. At bedtime she cozied down in the living room hide-a-bed, and had sweet dreams until morning.  She woke up to find that her grandpa had used her homework to dry his dentures.  

The JSEF meeting included 5 Directors (Monday night meetings are a challenge for many people who have other full-time employment.) One of our favorite agenda items is our monthly mail; this time we’d received an envelope full of thank you notes from Ms. Arago’s 7th grade students. We’d been able to help her Donors Choose project “Engaging and Diverse Books for Struggling Readers” and the students sent beautiful, creative notes of appreciation.  The other envelope was a thank you from Melika for the scholarship she’d received.    

Have you noticed our thermometers?  We finally got the “mercury” rectangles from our supplier, and the red goes almost all the way up to our lofty goal.  Be sure to enjoy the success you’ve achieved this year because the 2017-2018 calendar year has just closed.  The treasurer was able to report that we’ve been able to distribute a little bit over the $40,000 mark on our thermometers. All our schools were able to benefit from those donations. It certainly is something to be proud of.  The success will be there to admire until September when our treasurer will report the progress of our new 2018-2919 school year—when we’ll begin again.  

On July 15th the first fundraiser of the year will be the Sugar Town Festival. Everyone from far and wide will be able to enjoy the excitement on Rolph Boulevard. As you saunter along the street you’ll spot the JSEF stand offering our famous thirst-quenching lemonade.  Youngsters will get their tongue-tickling cups of straight lemonade—but those 21-years or older can enjoy cups with a brain-tickling “kick”.  Prior to the event, anyone who is curious is invited to our special July 8th meeting (at the Davis house at 5:00) when we’ll hammer out the individual details that always pop up for this spectacular event. It’s fun, satisfying, and rewarding to know all our work is worth it!