JSEF Signal Article: March 2018

Each month, Board member Billie Davis shares the latest news with readers of the Crockett Signal newspaper and our web site. Keep up on our newest accomplishments and upcoming events. 

Our most recent meeting was fast and furious! So many items were brought to the table as we recognized requests for the needs of our schools. Our treasurer also presented the final tally of last November’s prom which generated another $6,000 to add to our “coffers” as we honor the requests of students, teachers, PTAs, clubs, and the ongoing needs of the district in general.

The high school PTA has a spring bocce fundraising tournament. It’s going to be held on April 15th at the lower bocce courts on Loring Avenue, generously being made available, at no cost, by C & H! So, put your team together, then check with the high school PTA to sign up. Believe me, you’ll enjoy the fierce competition that so often is part and parcel of these sorts of tournaments. The participants can be sure their entry fee will go straight to the PTA, and you can be sure that the food JSEF will provide will be delicious and abundant.

One of easiest requests for us to vote on was for funding the T-shirts for “Read Across America” (which includes Dr. Seuss Day). The students keep track of the books and hours they read through AP software. The JSEF mission statement absolutely welcomes requests to match funds for reading programs like this. When one of your students earns one of these T shirts, be sure to look for our new logo on the back.

Following this matter, JSEF listened to the request from the Rodeo Elementary Library for funds to buy new books for their shelves, and to purchase the supplies needed to repair old books. We are delighted to match the money they raise from the Scholastic Book Fair. Online books are certainly the wave of the future, but students love to hold and share books with pages they can flip through; however, those real-life books do suffer damage with the enthusiastic participation of those elementary students. It was easy to approve matching funds for this event.

One of the more hilarious requests was for something which has already taken place: I wish I’d been there to witness “Tape the Principal”. Somehow loads of duct tape is used to attach a chair and the principal to a wall—and then the chair is removed. If you were lucky enough to take part, you must have been laughing like crazy, and JSEF was pleased to match the funds the PTA raised for this hilarious event. 

Along the same lines the Rodeo Hills PTA is having a “Kiss the Pig” fundraising event to benefit school-wide programs. Classrooms are asked to find a dollar from each student to get enough money to have a local pig/pet visit the school. Then, somehow there will be a public demonstration of some lucky administrator kissing this delightful pet. Although it sounds like something you’d see at a circus, the PTA has promised that the money raised will benefit the elementary students. It sounds like a creative way to capture the sense of humor of every parent who hears about it!

The next item on our agenda involved the Mindful Life Project. If you have any question about this fantastic program, check it out (http://www.mindfullifeproject.org) and you’ll get a deep appreciation of how important lessons like this are. It’s especially imperative for young people who grow up in challenging neighborhoods. All too often programs like these end up on the “back burner” and do not get the proper support that is necessary for our precious kids. JSEF recognizes that the balance due for bringing this Mindful Life Program to our campuses supports the education focus of our Mission Statement. This program starts in the schools—but will last for the rest of their lives. It is so important to learn to deal with emotions and communication in our stressful times. 

Rather than the 5K Fun Run (which usually takes place the same weekend as the Phillips 66 organized and sponsored “Walk of Honor”), we discussed the May 12th Town-wide Yard Sale. JSEF has occasionally taken part in this event, so we considered the likelihood of a profitable result from our efforts. And we decided that it would be fun! We have been renting a storage garage, and we thought it could be a likely spot to be on the Yard Sale Map. But parking would be a problem there; so (guess what) my own front yard seems to be the most accessible address (645 Pomona) for you to cruise by to shop for goodies you can’t live without. Keep reading future articles for details.

Local resident Brian Montgomery continues to support JSEF by inviting us to raise funds at his annual Golf Tournament with his Genentech golf buddies. Again this year, we’re looking forward to enjoying the results of his generosity by selling mulligans to “desperate” golfers (when they need to cover up a bad shot-which might tell you something about their handicaps!). 
But. Back to school business. The high school academic guidance counselor, Patricia Miuroillo, is asking us to help with scholarships. Again, this spring we will be reading the requests from seniors as they describe their experiences in the John Swett school district. We support all the students in their focus on continuing education—be it tech school, junior college, college, university, other post-graduate programs. 

Keep an eye on our thermometers to witness the results of all our fundraising efforts. Our JSEF meetings are held in the District Offices--the third Monday of the month at 7:00. Please come to take part, join, or simply witness; we’re always happy to hear what you have to say.

Crockett Signal, March 2018

Crockett Signal, March 2018