JSEF Signal Article: August 2017

Each month, Board member Billie Davis shares the latest news with readers of the Crockett Signal newspaper and our web site. Keep up on our newest accomplishments and upcoming events. 

Even though the new school year has begun, we’re enjoying our JSEF thermometer’s reflection of the tremendous job we did last year. Pretty soon that recognizable red measurement of support for our schools will get a chance to start all over.

The Sugar Town Festival was remarkably more exciting than anyone had anticipated. It’s so much fun to see people from all over the bay area gather here to take part in our “small town” festivities. Everyone who sauntered up and down Rolph Drive was in a great mood. Of course the weather was hot; it’s July, for Pete’s sake! And folks were in the mood to enjoy everything Crockett has to offer. As a result, the line for people who wanted something cool to drink was never-ending. Our JSEF had expected we would provide more lemonade than last year—but (just like last year) we had to make emergency runs to replenish dwindling supplies! What a wonderful problem to solve!

So those thermometers that reflect the fundraising efforts we’ve done so far. Let me be sure to point out that we couldn’t do it without the tremendous support from the Crocket Community Foundation. With their partnership we will have a huge jump start for this coming year.

Those fat school information envelopes that appear in your August mailboxes will not have the annual flier from JSEF explaining our fundraising efforts and how you can support your own students. Instead, go to the JSEF website  www.johnswettef.org to explore how best to help your own student.

Personally, my own children graduated from high school a long time ago—but I find it in the best interest of me and my household to continue to support our school district. If you have a child just entering elementary school, or if your youngster is anticipating middle school, or your teenager is looking forward to the challenges of high school—go to www.johnswettef.org and figure out how best to support the schools. Yes, you should be active in your child’s classroom; yes you should support your PTAs, but JSEF is a non-profit 501c3 organization, and it’s legal for us to accomplish more bang for your buck than some of the other things you are already excited to do. And then the money ricochets back to the needs of each teacher, classroom, and school.

Go to our website www.johnswettef.org to find out how to ask your employer how they may support your volunteer efforts with us. Find out how to link your credit/debit card to JSEF to have a small percentage of the profits of your purchases sent to the John Swett school district, many large stores have these programs already in place. Or make direct donations. Every penny—big or small—that comes our way adds up to enough to move that thermometer up to our goals.

The best way to become involved right now is to be a volunteer taking a small part in the upcoming ‘70’s Adult Prom that we’ll host on November 18th. It’s always a blast. But it’s not a simple wave of the wand to transform the Community Center into a spectacular dream from the past. This year we’re focusing on the funky decade from the ‘70’s. There was a lot going on then: the groovy designs, the tie dye colors, the far out music, the clothes (tank tops and bell bottoms). Every director a slightly different take on that decade, so discussions of how to incorporate our recollections lends to fantastic decisions as to how best to market and advertise this event. (Teachers $25, Online $30, at the door $35, table of 10 $300, sitters $15/child). YOU CAN HELP! When lots of individuals simply do a little bit each, the experience is a successful affair that delights all the guests—and every year they’re amazed at how much fun it is to know they’re having a great time (while supporting our schools). Join in!

Our new website continues to be more professional and easy-to-navigate. Our goal is to make it easy for you to contact us, and to keep track of what we’ve been doing. Take a look at the JSEF website www.johnswettef.org

This months meeting will be held at held in the District Offices on Monday, August 28th. The starting time has been adjusted to meet the needs of our demanding schedules. Please come (take part or simply witness) at 7:00.