Help Our Kids Reach a Better Future


The Annual Giving Campaign is a once a year fundraiser that helps to preserve and enhance programs in our schools during a time when budget cuts threaten our children's educations. As a resident of Crockett, Rodeo, Port Costa, or Hercules, you belong to a larger community that prides itself on a strong public school system. To maintain the quality education our community has historically offered, our schools depend on grants from the John Swett Education Foundation to support numerous initiatives -- computers and technology in the classroom, new textbooks, support for the band, additional training for teachers, and more -- that help to fill the gaps left by limited state funding.

We cannot wait for the state of California to restore funding for quality education. Our children are growing and developing and they will not wait. We need your help if the John Swett Unified School District is to remain a premier district that continues to offer a full curriculum and enrichment programs for our children. Your contribution, whether large or small, directly assists our students and their education.

The John Swett Education Foundation (JSEF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation, meaning your contribution is fully tax deductible. Please join us in giving whatever you can and make a difference. Each dollar counts! All funds will be used to support student success in the 2012-13 school year. Your help is greatly appreciated.

To donate by check: Donations with a donation form (click to download) can be mailed to: John Swett Education Foundation P.O. Box 455 Crockett, CA 94525 Please make checks payable to JSEF.

To donate online: It's even easier to donate directly on our website. Just click the button below to get started:
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