Of Cars and Chili


We had a swell time at the recent Rodeo Chili Cook off and Classic Car Show. We sold juices, waters and sodas to thirsty patrons and enjoyed the excellent weather and camaraderie. JSHS Teacher Dean Colombo arranged for 6 seniors to help JSEF with the event. I want to thank Dean for sending such helpful, resourceful, attentive individuals. They even went all over the event and sold Prom raffle tickets as well as hauling beverages all over for mobile sales. Thanking them by name, they were: Hannah Clark with her dog Jack, Kelsey Connel, Markell Hogg, Samantha Lenzi, Molly McCain and Tony Singh. Thanks kids...you did a great job and we’re very grateful. Some reminders: please visit donorschoose.org. It’s there where you’ll find our local teachers listing classroom needs. We at JSEF monitor the site and donate to each and every request. At present there are some listings and any dollar amount is welcome. Typically, we seed the request with a healthy dollar amount, community members send in donations and very often, larger deep pocketed foundations pick up the balance when they see enough community interest. Our teachers then get the tools they need to give our kids the quality education they deserve.

Have you seen our recent API scores (Academic Performance Index)? JSHS and Carquinez both are going through the roof and we’re higher than most schools around us. Many thanks to our Superintendent, teachers and administrators for their diligence in giving our kids a quality education. Parents, community and businesses have a role here as well as your donations and work make a huge impact on providing the needs of our schools that the state could otherwise not provide. Thanks to everyone who has given to John Swett Education Foundation and if you’re due for a donation of any amount, send your tax deductible amount to JSEF, P.O. Box 455, Crockett, CA 94525. To make it even easier, you can make your donation securely online at this site. For questions or to brainstorm call Beverly Hill at 510-541-5778.