Willow Alternative

Quick Facts
Address: 1650 Crockett Blvd. | Crockett, CA | 94525 |
(510) 787-1286 | Grades Served: 9-12 |
Joanne Clark | Student Enrollment: 60 | Staff: 3

Joanne Clark Discusses Willow Alternative High

The Willow Campus serves 60 students in three different alternative programs: Willow High Continuation, JSHS Academic Intervention Program, and Independent Study/Home Hospital Program. Alternative Education programs are designed to meet the individual needs of the students in our community, challenge each student to excel in all areas, and provide the opportunity to achieve a high school diploma.

Willow High School serves students who are at least 16 years old and need an alternative to a traditional high school program because of credit deficiency, pattern of negative behavior, and truancy. Willow High students are provided with individualized learning plans to achieve their academic success.

  • The JSHS Academic Intervention Program serves students in 9th and 10th grade who are not making progress towards graduation. This program serves students for at least one semester. Students must improve attendance and academics in order to return to John Swett High School.
  • In the Independent Study Program, the student assumes the primary responsibility for his/her education. Students meet with their teacher once a week for one hour to assess their academic homework completed.
  • The Home/Hospital Program serves students with a temporary medical issue that enables them to continue their education in their home environment.

We also offer an online credit recovery program for students after school on Tuesday and Thursdays in our 36 computer lab facility. Students can earn credits in English, World History, American History, Biology, Physical Science, and Physical Education.

I am proud of the campus pride and ownership each student displays when on campus. Each student knows that they are here to earn a high school diploma and will try their best to do so. We believe every student can succeed with support and the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge in alternative ways. We understand that students learn in multiple ways and we encourage students to tap into that knowledge and learn to be successful.