Carquinez Middle

Quick Facts
Address: 1099 Pomona St. | Crockett, CA | 94525 | Main Telephone: (510) 787-1081 | Grades Served: 6-8 | Mascot: Panthers | Year Built: 1923 | Principal: Quianna Scott | Student Enrollment (2012): 376 | Staff: 19

Interview with Quianna Scott of Carquinez Middle School

Currently we have 376 students enrolled. We have an extensive elective program that offers the following courses:

    • Journalism
    • World Cultures
    • Art
    • Science-Marine Biology
    • Career Development
    • Public Speaking
    • Student Leadership
    • Study Skills
    • Computers
    • Drama
    • Math Lab
    • Music

    The electives provide “hands-on” experiences for the students in which students have participated on field trips such as UC Davis, West Contra Costa Community College Culinary Arts, and Monterey whale watching to name a few.

    In addition, we have a great after school program. The goals of the program are to improve academic achievement, provide safe and healthy environments and extra-curricular activities for the students. The students are required to attend the program at least 3 days per week. The program starts at the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m. During the 3-5 hours that students are in the program, the students are given a snack, and provided time for daily recreation. Then, the students are divided into groups by grade level for a mandatory homework hour. Here, the students are able to work in the computer lab, in cooperative study groups and/or work with the instructional aide to receive 1:1 assistance. Many teachers are present after school hours and assist students who need help during this time. After the homework hour, the students are able to participate in organized sports activities or the enrichment program that includes arts & crafts, cooking, music, color guard, etc.

    Our school is closely knit and we are proud of what an amazing staff and student population we have at our site. The staff are truly invested in the social and academic success of our students. In addition, the diversity is rich with some much added value that our students bring to our site. We are proud to be PANTHERS!!!