Employer Matching

Local Companies with Matching Gift Programs:

Phillips 66 https://www.cybergrants.com/pls/cybergrants/
Bank of America https://www.cybergrants.com/boa/branch.html
Bank of the West https://www.easymatch.com/BankoftheWestGive/
Chase Bank http://www.cybergrants.com/jpmc/giving
Chevron – Active Employees http://forms.matchinggifts.com/Chevron.pdf
Chevron – Retirees http://forms.matchinggifts.com/ChevronRetiree.pdf
Genentech (Information available on company intranet)
Home Depot http://www.givingprograms.com/homedepot
Macy’s https://www.employeeconnection.net/forms/
PG&E https://www.easymatch.com/PGEGiving
Shell Martinez https://secure14.easymatch.com/SHELLGIVE/
Wal-Mart http://walmartstores.com/CommunityGiving/201.aspx

Double Your Dollars: Many employers now match employee contributions to K-12 education — yours may be one of them! Please check with your employer and then help us add to this list. If your employer also offers gift matching and they aren’t already listed above, please contact us with the information. The students of JSEF thank you!